Our Aims

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~ Health and Wellbeing ~

We provide a number of services that improve the mental and physical health of participants including therapeutic support groups for cancer , health and wellbeing, child loss and women’s issues. We provide Specialist mental health services including one to one  counselling sessions and a number of other services which directly impact the health and wellbeing of individuals including a number of physical exercise sessions (including seated and low impact sessions) as well as adult dance sessions and a community share scheme which offers clothing, shoes, toiletries and food items which have been donated to our charity by local business and individuals on a pay what you can afford basis.

~ Education, Skills and Training ~

We provide a number of opportunities for members of the community to learn new skills. Our current offer includes Confidence Courses, Understanding Personal Independence  and Self Esteem Building courses. We also have a number of weekly craft sessions, and general employment skills training delivered alongside our volunteering programmes. We also include training sessions within all therapeutic and social group activities covering subjects such as dealing with grief, healthy relationships, disability awareness and much much more.

~ Employment, Support and Empowerment ~

Through our rolling work experience and volunteering programmes we empower people to move on to the next stage in their journey. We have a number of volunteers who are working on personal barriers and we work hard with these individuals to help them break these barriers down. We provide on the job training in Safer Food Better Business, manual handling, risk assessment and increasing productivity and confidence all designed with the aim of taking someone closer to the job market whilst improving their skills, knowledge, confidence and sense of self worth.

 ~ Social and Community ~

Our community centre, which is the main base of our work, is a real community hub – providing over 51 hours of regular activities per week there is something for all members of the community to get involved with. New relationships and support structures are made every day, with users of our services feeling more involved in community life.

 ~ Influence and Shape ~

As a former Neighbourhood Management Team, and from our wealth of experience in the voluntary sector (with specialism’s in education and childcare and community development) we understand the importance of influencing and shaping change within communities and the structures set up within them. Although we are excellent at being reactive to the hardships and problems faced by our community and providing opportunities to improve the lives of those facing them we strive wherever possible to influence greater social change within our areas to prevent these hardships. We sit on a number of committees in the area and have developed a number of stakeholder meetings of our own to try and change the way pubic sector departments, as well as other charities and communities themselves, operate to give people the best chance possible of improving their lives.

Mission Statement

Ladybrook Enterprises Ltd, in carrying out its charitable aims, is committed to providing quality services to the people of Mansfield and district to raise aspiration and promote opportunities to improve lives.

Aims and Objectives

  • To benefit persons living in and around Mansfield by working together with the local community, local authorities, voluntary and other organisations
  • To provide facilities for social welfare, recreation and leisure to improve the quality of lives
  • To advance education, develop the capacity and skills of the community and organisations in the area so they can identify and meet their needs to participate in society
  • To establish community facilities and co-operate with authorities to maintain and manage them

In carrying out the objectives, the company shall promote equal opportunities and oppose any form of discrimination on grounds of race, ethnic origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion.


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