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Our charity has one aim: to improve the lives of those in Mansfield and District. To do this, we work independently as well as alongside a number of local partners, to deliver a range of services and activities that are about improving aspirations, access to opportunities, connections and life chances of people in our community.

As a former Neighbourhood Management Team, and from our wealth of experience in the voluntary sector we understand the importance of influencing and shaping change within communities and the structures set up within them.

We are excellent at being reactive to the hardships and problems faced by our community and providing opportunities to improve the lives of those facing them. Within our own organisation our strengths help us to develop those that lay within others that they may not see as strengths: we support, empower, and inspire individuals to believe in themselves, increase self-esteem, grow in confidence, and reach their potential.

Our community is resilient, they, like us, make things happen and when someone believes in them, they can do great things. We aim to help more people recognise this in themselves and move forward. Our biggest strength, which in turn opens some fantastic opportunities for us is our sheer determination and bloody mindedness to make a difference.

We have delivered a huge number of services with little resource, we have a can-do attitude, we stand up for what is right, and we persist until people get what they are entitled to and deserve in life. We are not risk-averse, we are quick-thinking, solution-focussed, and genuinely here to make a difference.

We do not ‘tick  boxes’ nor do we work with organisations that do, the work we do has to mean something, and for the thousands of  people that have been lucky enough to walk through our doors this refreshing, inclusive way of working has changed,  improved and in many cases, saved, lives.

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Based a short walk or bus journey from Mansfield Town Centre, Ladybrook Community Centre is the main home of our charity and a vibrant, warm and welcoming space. We offer a range of health and wellbeing services delivered by our own team of staff and volunteers as well as local partner organisations working to make a difference to the Mansfield Community.

We offer a range of activities and services that are always evolving and changing to meet the needs to people. For up to date information and a flavour of what we do as well as information we share on other people’s projects and services  please visit us on Facebook www.facebook.com/ladybrookenterprises

For information about booking our space to host your own sessions to improve lives in Mansfield, please contact our team.

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